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Support Services

In addition to high-level ICT advice, ICT Consults offer a range on ‘hands-on’ ICT related services. These include:

  • ICT Human Resource Recruitment and development.
  • Provision of Preventative Maintenance / Care Plan services.
  • Configuration, installation, and maintenance support for Network Operating Systems.
  • Configuration, installation, and maintenance on network hardware and software.
  • Configuration, installation, and maintenance of Windows Terminal Services.
  • Provide integration of new systems and technologies into the existing network environment.
  • Establish protocols and procedures to perform server, system, and data backup and recovery.
  • Support standard software applications.
  • Inventory assessment and asset tracking.
  • Provide Proje d directory service solutions
  • Implementation and support of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technologies ct Support and Help Desk staffing.
  • Develop and document system and data backup procedures.
  • Provide training to support system administrators for optimal use of hardware and software.
  • End-user training on a range of desktop applications.
  • Supply and maintenance of cost effective Internet firewall solutions.
  • Supply and maintenance of cost effective Internet mail an
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